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You worked your butt off in grad school for years to put yourself into a position to get a good job, applied for every relevant job, landed an interview, and was offered the position. Now what? This section is designed to help you navigate the world of being a professor. For example, what is the best advice for the first year?, what is expected of newly hired faculty members?, how do you balance work and family?

First Year! Career Planning
 Q1a.jpg Why didn't someone prepare me to be a new faculty member?  Q1a.jpg Why is it important to plan your career?
 Q1a.jpg Where is the best place to start learning about being a faculty member?  Q1a.jpg How to learn what is expected of you?
 Q1a.jpg During my first year, what is advice for conducting research?  Q1a.jpg What questions should I ask about what is expected of me?
 Q1a.jpg During my first year, what is advice for teaching?  Q1a.jpg What to do if conflicting expectations?
 Q1a.jpg During my first year, what is advice for service work?  Q1a.jpg What are the steps in determining my career goals?
 Q1a.jpg Where can I find more information about navigating the first year?  Q1a.jpg Where can I find more information about career planning?
 Q1a.jpg How to set up a lab as a new professor?  Q1a.jpg

Teaching Other
 Q1a.jpg Why use PsychWiki as a teaching resource?  Q1a.jpg How to navigate the politics of academia?
 Q1a.jpg How to select textbooks?  Q1a.jpg How to mentor graduate students?
 Q1a.jpg How to create a syllabus?  Q1a.jpg Where can I find information on balancing work and family?
 Q1a.jpg How to prepare lectures?  Q1a.jpg What are the APA guidelines for the undergraduate psychology major?
 Q1a.jpg How to give presentations?  Q1a.jpg
 Q1a.jpg Assessing Student Learning Gains Might Be Easier (And More Important) Than You Think  Q1a.jpg How to implement in-class online experiments?
 Q1a.jpg Where to find online teaching resources?
 Q1a.jpg How to deal with problem students?
 Q1a.jpg How to deal with cheating?
 Q1a.jpg How to identify plagiarism?
 Q1a.jpg What to do on the first day of class?

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