How to network at a conference?

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Meeting People...


° Many students try to network with professors and never realize how easy and beneficial it can be to network with other students, especially if those students do the same type of research as you.

° Search out those posters that overlap with your research interests and strike up a conversation with the poster presenter.


Your advisor

° Your advisor is your best source of networking so try to spend some time during the conference with your professor and his/her contacts.

° But keep in mind that many people view conferences as the time when they are able to meet up with their colleagues and friends from other institutions, so do not monopolize your advisor's time.


Be professional

° Conferences are a wonderful way to generate contacts as people tend to do work with (and hire) those who they like (and drink with) but try to be professional at all times.

° Dress professionally. Causual attire is fine for some days or some events, such as going out at night with friends, but why not look as professionally as you want to be treated by others in your field.



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