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While there are many useful books about SPSS, the great benefit of the internet is instant (and free) access to interactive tutorials and instructional forums to learn how to use SPSS. Detailed below are comprehensive websites that walk you through SPSS step-by-step, some of which have short videos which can be very helpful since SPSS is a point-and-click software with pull-down menus so *seeing* how to use SPSS can sometimes be more user-friendly than simply reading about it.


What is SPSS?

Online tutorials about SPSS

I need more help!

  1. SPSS homepage has a searchable database.
  2. SPSS "Help Menu" is acessible from the copy of SPSS on your computer
  3. SPSS manuals that can with SPSS on the CD
  1. Raynald's SPSS Tools website which has information about syntax, macros, scripts, python, tips, etc.
  1. The SPSS listserv has an archive which you can search by month or keywords
  2. The SPSS Group on GoogleGroups has an archive that can be searched.

Who can I ask if I have a question about SPSS?

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