Stern, P. C. (1992). Psychological dimensions of global environmental change. Annual Review of Psychology, 43, 269-302.

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In this article, Stern presents a thorough and well-integrated review of psychological literature relevant to global environmental change. Specifically, Stern suggests that psychological research can contribute to stemming such changes based upon its understanding of attitudes, social dilemmas, behavior, altruism, and judgment. By placing these influences in the context of broader economic, political, and technological realities, Stern sheds light on how psychology as a field can play a role in addressing environmental concerns. Stern also evaluates how psychologists can then address the consequences and responses to environmental change. Finally, Stern suggests some central areas of emphasis and challenge for research psychologists in studying this phenomenon.

This article pre-dated by over a decade much of the current conversation regarding global environmental change, and demonstrated great insight into this complex, multi-faceted phenomenon. This review offered a great jumping-off point for much contemporary research into the prevention and response to environmental change.

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