Research Design Fall 2007

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Course: Research Design
Days/Times: 9:50-11:50am
Room: B-249


FYI - For the Statistics course
see (Statistics Spring 2008)

Course Schedule


Class Materials

All the handouts and powerpoint presentations during class will be posted below. See below about the Overview of the Research Process to see how the class material is broken down into a series of five successive operational phases from generating the idea to disseminating the idea. For all steps in the research process, there will be information about how to conduct research (for the practitioner) and how to evaluate research (for the research consumer).


Course Information

Overview of Research Process


Field of Law/Psychology

  • APA
  1. Division 41 – AP-LS
  2. PsycLaw
  • Other Organizations
  1. List of more law-related organizations
  • Conferences
  1. AP-LS Annual Meeting
  2. AP-LS Programs at APA Convention
  3. Other Law-related societies
  • Journals
  1. Lists of Journals in Law/Psychology
  2. Lists of Journals in Law/Psychology
  3. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
  • Schools granting law/psy degrees
  1. List of law/psychology schools from AP-LS
  2. List of law/psychology schools from AP-LS Student Section
  • Grants and Awards
  1. NIH
  2. NSF: Law & Social Sciences
  3. AP-LS
  4. Department of Justice
  5. For more, see the Grant Funding page
  • Sub-fields
- Clinical-forensic psychologists
- Developmental psychologists
- Social psychologists
- Cognitive psychologists
- Community psychologists
See here for more explanation of sub-fields
See here for even more information
  • In AP-LS Newsletter, there are “Research Briefs” categories…
- Delinquency/Antisocial Behavior
- Forensic Evaluation
- Law Enforcement & Deception Detection
- Legal Decision Making / Jury Research
- Mental Health Services
- Risk Assessment
- Sex Offenders
- Witness Issues
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