Malamuth, N. M., & Ceniti, J. (1986). Repeated exposure to violent and nonviolent pornography: Likelihood of raping ratings and laboratory aggression against women. Aggressive Behavior, 12, 129-137.

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While many previous studies had examined immediate effects of violent and nonviolent pornography on men, Malamuth and Ceniti were the first to study longer term effects. This article can therefore be considered a classic article because it was the first to investigate the long-term affects of violent and nonviolent pornography on male aggression towards women. Participants were exposed to either no material, violent pornography, or nonviolent pornography for three weeks. Participants were later given an opportunity act aggressively (by administering unpleasant noise stimuli) against a female confederate in a laboratory setting. Malamuth and Centiti found that exposure to violent or non-violent pornography did not have long-term effects on men's aggression towards women.

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