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What is PsychWiki? PsychWiki was created as a way to pool our field's collective resources on various topics. As a Wiki anyone with access to the site can edit, correct, or update the information. In a sense, PsychWiki is owned by the community, with input from anyone with experience and knowledge to share. You have to login to make sure that this doesn't become a haven for spam, but once you've registered, you can click on the edit tab at the top of most pages to change them. Some of the pages are more developed than others, but no page is complete. If you feel like you'd like to add something to a particular page, please do so. To get things started, we plan on beginning with the topics listed below.

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Professional Development
Collaborative articles that allow us to pool our field's collective knowledge on topics such as Grant Funding, journals, conferences, how your publication record is evaluated, how to craft your C.V., How to survive in graduate school and etc.

Research Tools
Concrete research tools and articles to assist with conducting research and analyzing data such as Research Tips, Mediation, Meta-analysis, Interaction between continuous variables, Tips on internet research, Archives of data and stimuli, Internet Research FAQ and etc.

Psychology Concepts
Collaborative articles on topics, research areas, and concepts related to Social and Personality psychology such as Happiness, Aggression, Cross Categorization, Computational Modeling, and etc.

Virtual Lab Meeting
Why should geographical distance stop people with shared research interests from benefitting from all the advantages a traditional Lab Group has to offer, such as meeting to share research ideas, discuss how to improve research ideas/studies, receive feedback, collaborate on shared research projects, and etc.
Research pages: See some of the work done in various labs or share some of your own work.
Researchers pages: See other researchers webpages or start your own.
New Collaborations: In lab meetings people with shared research interests collaborate on new projects by discussing and brainstorming new ideas, materials, procedures, paradigms, and etc. With PsychWiki VLM you can collaborate at the level of the entire research field, not just your department/school.
Orphan Studies: If you have a significant result that you would like feedback on, are unsure about, or simply do not plan on following up and publishing but still want to share, then feel free to post the finding here.


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fun facts updated weekly every Sunday

... the Student Section at APS is seeking nominations for "Champions of Psychology" for the APS Observer. If there is anyone whom you admire -- a teacher, researcher, mentor, or advisor -- or has had a positive influence on you, nominate them to be profiled in the Observer as a Champion of Psychology. International nominations are encouraged. For more information, contact the Student Notebook Editor found on this page.         → more "Did You Know"s...

  Article of the Month:   November
Attempting to find individual markers of terrorists is made difficult due to the wide variety of backgrounds and personalities that become involved. As such, Social Psychology is uniquely positioned to bring insight into the social factors that are likely to lead to increases in Terrorism. What leads to Terrorism? It is hoped that this page can serve as a place where interested people can add relevant citations to research that bears on Terrorism and it's causes, eventually leading to an integrated model that can be used to predict terrorism based on certain situational factors... (More...)
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news and updates
  • November 19th, 2007
    We installed a new footnote function so that you can use footnoting to make it easier for the reader to find relevant information. See the Help! section about how to footnote.
  • August 1st, 2007
    In order to improve the "search" function, we installed "case sensitivity" so that the search function will try to capitalize all words in a string if it does not get a match with regular case sensitivity.
  • January 4th, 2007
    We upgraded the Mediawiki software to provide more functionality to the site. Let us know if you see any errors or bugs caused by the upgrade.
  • September 9th, 2006
    We created a new editing tool where putting double brackets around text that ends in a "date" creates a link to Google Scholar: for example, typing this: [[Baron and Kenny, 1986]], creates this: (Baron and Kenny, 1986).
  • August 28th, 2006
    We created a new mainpage today, what do you think! Comments and suggestions are welcome. Contact us here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us.

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