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What is PsychWiki? PsychWiki was created as a tool for psychologists (see list of uses). As a Wiki anyone with access to the site can edit, correct, or update the information. In a sense, PsychWiki is owned by the community, with input from anyone with experience and knowledge to share. Some of the pages are more developed than others, but no page is complete. If you feel like you'd like to add something to a particular page, please do so. To get things started, we plan on beginning with the topics listed below.

If you are new to PsychWiki, see How/Why Use PsychWiki? and the "Getting Started" box below.


What is psychwiki psyc-hub?

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►  Psychology Concepts

►  Measures

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What is psychwiki knowledgebase?

►  Professional Development

►  Research Process

my psychwiki

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news and updates
  • August 20th, 2010
    PsychWiki reached over 1,000 pages today of user generated knowledge for psychology! Thanks to all the contributors and editors.
  • April 23rd, 2010
    The site hit over 2,000,000 million page views today, which is one million page views within the last year.
  • March 25th, 2010
    According to PsychWiki statistics (see top right of this page) we hit and exceeded over 500 pages on PsychWiki!
  • September 17th, 2009
    Today marks the 2000th new registered user to PsychWiki. Although anyone can use/view PsychWiki without logging in, see here for the benefits of logging into PsychWiki.
  • September 6th, 2009
    The 'Main Page' has been redesigned and updated, including organizing the information around two focal points - knowledgebase, and psyc-hub.

(past news and updated from the admins...)

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us.


 PsychWiki Statistics as of February 19
   Pages: 366    Page Edits: 32,283
   Users: 3,802   Page Views: 55,212,844


fun facts updated weekly every Sunday

... there was a recent replication of the Milgram Experiment on French TV disguised as a reality TV show. What was the source of the compliance? Was it the hostess and a chanting audience urging on the contestants? Was it the idea of trying to "win" a reality TV show? Decide for yourself by reading more about the event.                             → more "Did You Know"s...

  Article of the Month:   September

Interpersonal Guilt Measure
The studies reported here describe the development of a new instrument designed to operationalize and assess several types of interpersonal guilt related to the fear of harming others and emphasized in several contemporary views of social development and psychopathology." "The two versions of this study, a 45-item and 67-item version, include theoretically-based and clinically relevant categories of guilt." There are four factors: Survivor guilt, separation/disloyalty guilt, omnipotent responsibility guilt, self-hate guilt...   (More...)
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