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Where can I find a listing of journals in psychology? - PSYCLINE provides a comprehensive listing of all journals in the social sciences. See the following website -

- Journal Citation Reports (JCR) not only provides a listing of journals in the social sciences, but also provides impact factor scores for each journal which are one useful measurement of the relative influence/importance of each journal. See the following website -

What are considered the top journals in Psychology? - There are two general categories of journals in which to publish: (1) Journals that are designed for broad multidisciplinary appeal to all areas of psychology, and (2) Journals that specifically target a particular area of psychology, such as Social/Personality, Developmental, Clinical, etc.

- In terms of broad multidisciplinary journals, the top journals are: Annual Review of Psychology (Annual Reviews). Psychological Bulletin (APA), Psychological Review (APA), Psychological Science (APS).

When would you want to publish in broad multidisciplinary journals? - The broad multidisciplinary journals are suitable outlets for your research when your research is general enough to be of interest across all areas and subdisciplines of psychology.

- Annual Review of Psychology (Annual Reviews). This is the highest impact factor journal in psychology and covers all areas of psychology research and practice.

- Psychological Bulletin (APA). This journal focuses mainly on summarizing theories or empirical research of the utmost importance to the field.

- Psychological Review (APA). This journal focuses mainly on proposing new theoretical contributions of the utmost importance to the field, sometimes accompanied by supporting data.

- Psychological Science (APS). This journal focuses on concise analysis of new perspectives or developments (e.g., General Articles are 5,000 words), concise analysis of empirical data (e.g., Research Articles are 4,000 words), and is a suitable outlet for any research that has broad appeal to a wider audience.

- American Psychologist (APA). This is the official journal of APA and contains articles covering current issues in psychology of general interest.

Will people outside my field know which are the best journals in my field? - If you are applying for a job outside your specialty area, such as a Social/Personality psychologist applying for a job in a Business department or Communications department, that department you are applying to will generally have a good understanding of what are considered the best journals in your field, and will thus have a good understanding of how to evaluate a publication record.

- Impact factor rankings from Journal Citation Reports (JCR) ( is another way for someone outside your field to evaluate the quality of the journals in which you have published. There is considerable debate, however, about the accuracy and validity of impact factor rankings. While this debate is too complicated for discussion here, the general consensus is that impact factor rankings provide a reliable enough ballpark assessment of the reputation of each journal to be useful when evaluating journals.

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