I have been admitted to the program, now what do I do?

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I have been admitted to the program, now what do I do? What was the first thing you did? What would you recommend to someone who just entered the program?

  1. Introduce yourself to everyone you see in the department because the first few days/weeks are the best time to meet everyone.
  2. Make sure that you have at least one research project that you will be working on during your first semester. If your advisor doesn't automatically assign you to one. Ask him/her about a senior graduate student who needs some help done on their project.
  3. Don't overload yourself with classes. Settling into a new school, new apartment, and new department are going to take time and energy from your first semester. You will be in graduate school long enough to take all the classes you need.
  4. Even before school starts, see if you can get the contact info of a senior graduate student who can guide you through the first semester process.
  5. Don't be afraid to stalk your advisor. You should have at least weekly contact with him/her either through regularly scheduled meetings or email.

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