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This wiki (and the MediaWiki sofware) is designed to be easy to use and still have extensive functionality.

The following links provide a simple and concise overview of how to use this wiki.

The following links provide more general information about the software (MediaWiki) used by PsychWiki:

If not logged in...

The Article page contains the content of the website.
There a Discussion page for each Article which contains comments and questions about each Article. In the Discussion page users can ...

How to log in

  1. clicking the "create an account or log in" tab on the top right hand corner of the webpage and entering your username, password, and email address
  2. To ensure confidentiality and anonymity, you must recieve an email confirmation code by going to "preferences" and clicking on "confirm e-mail address"

If logged in...

Anyone can easily edit any article and have those changes posted immediately.
Anyone can add comments or questions....
Edit tab allows you to edit the particular Article or Discussion page. See [1] for more information on how to edit pages and create new pages.
History tab lets you see the old versions and history for that particular page including a record of the date and time of every edit, the user who made it, the edit summary, and the ability to compare different versions. See [2] for more information.
Move tab allows you to rename a page and move all of its history to the new name. There are a few reasons why you might wish to rename a page such as the title being misspelled or the scope of the article has been reduced, extended, or otherwise changed. See [3] for more information.
Watch tab allows you to track changes on the articles you declare an interest in. You will be notified when the page changes. Clicking on the "watch" tab for a particular article adds that page to your "my watchlist". Watched articles are also bolded in the “Recent Changes” list. See [4] for more information.
"your username" - Takes you to your own personal webpage within the PsychWiki website. This "user page" is the same as an Articles page. See [5] for more information.
my talk - This is the "Discussion" page for your own personal webpage within the PsychWiki website where other users can post comments and communication with you (anonymously if you so desire). See [6] for more information.
preferences - You can personalize and customize aspects of the site such as email notification when pages change or new pages are created, change the style or design of the website, and change your preferences for how information is presented. See [7] for more information.
my watchlist - All your articles you have indicated as "watch" appear in your "my watchlist" where you can view details about the most recent edits (for all edits see the "history" tab for each article). See [8] for more information.
my contributions - A list of your edits. See [9] for more information.
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