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This wiki (and the MediaWiki sofware) is designed to be easy to use and still have extensive functionality:

What do you need help with?
I want to know...

<Navigating PsychWiki>

searching to use the search function? to use Google within PsychWiki?
...what is "what links here" link?
...are there other ways to find what i'm looking for?


...what are the basics steps to edit a page? to spell-check?
...what is the editing toolbar? to do basic text formatting?
...can I use HTML? there a way to sign my entries? to create sections within a page? to use bullets and lists? to make internal and external links? to create tables? do I upload files and images? do I configure the table of contents?

organizing to start a new page?
... how to [[ | move a page?]] do I [[ | rename a page?]] to[[ | delete a page?]]
...what are[[ | categories?]]

tracking changes

...what is the [[ | "Recent changes" link?]] do I[[ | watch pages?]]
...what is the [[ | page history?]]

communicating do I [[ | comment on a specific article?]] do I [[ | use my "talk page"?]] do I [[ | sign a page?]] do I [[| send someone a message?]]


buttons along the top of this page

...what is the article tab?
...what is the discussion tab?
...what is the edit tab?
...what is the history tab?
...what is the move tab?
...what is the watch tab?

links at the top of the webpage

...what is the "your username" link?
...what is the "my talk" link?
...what is the "preference" link?
...what is the "my watchlist" link?
...what is the "my contributions" link?
...what is the "login/logout" link?

links within left-hand side windows

...what is the search window?
...what is the navigation window?
...what is the content areas window?
...what is the toolbox window?

links along the bottom

...what is the "About PsychWiki link?
...what is the "Disclaimers" link?
...what is the "Mediawiki Logo" link?

see here for a list of all help topics

see here for the MediaWiki UserGuide

see here for a summary of the different functions offered by PsychWiki

see here for a summary of using PsychWiki if you are logged in or not logged in

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