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How to communicate with other users

  1. If you want to comment on a specific article:
    • There is a "Discussion" page for each Article which provides a forum for comments and questions about each Article. Click on the "Discussion" tab, and then click on either the "Edit" tab or the "+" sign to leave a comment.
  2. Each user has their own "my talk" page where messages can be left:
    • Every person who logs-in gets a "user page" which is similar to an "Article" page where you can add content. The "user page" is the username you provided when logging in, and the link to this page is located at the top of the webpage. Similar to how there is a "Discussion" page for each Article, there is a "my talk" page for each "user page". The link to the "my talk" page is also located at the top of this webpage.
    • You can communicate with other users anonymously by leaving messages on their "my talk" page.
    • You can receive a "You have a new messages" notice if someone else has edited your "my talk" page by using the "preferences" link, and clicking on "Send me an email when my user talk page is changed"
  3. You can leave your signature when editing pages by:
    • by typing three tildes (~~~) to leave your username, or four tildes (~~~~) to leave your username and the date, or
    • by clicking the signature icon (Signature icon.png) on the "Editing Toolbar" to add the four tildes. The "username" you leave behind is the username you provided when logging-in to PsychWiki. The date format is based on the preference of the user who signed, not your time/date preference.
    • Signing your posts can be helpful when leaving messages in "Discussion" pages.

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