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Los Angeles, California, 90032 <br>
Los Angeles, California, 90032 <br>
phone: 213-422-0909 <br>
phone: 213-422-0909 <br>

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I have two research focuses: law/psychology and social/personality psychology. I conduct law/psychology research into legal decision making and how jurors/judges reach judgments. I also conduct social/personality psychology research into factors influencing the perceptions of aggressors and intergroup/interpersonal conflict. In each arena my thematic focus is on “Person x Situation” interactions and how the basic aspects of the person (e.g., affect, behavior, cognition, etc.) interact with the different aspects of situations to influence human nature.


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I am also interested in developing tools to help researchers conduct research and help everyone better understand the field of psychology. PsychWiki was developed initially as a companion project to the Professional Development meetings I started at the USC Psychology Department. No single person can master all the different aspects of professional life so PsychWiki is a way to share our unique experiences and skills for the collective benefit of everyone in the field. Hopefully, PsychWiki will be of benefit to our field as a way to create active collaboration and pool our collective resources.

Based upon the Person x Situation concept, I developed an organizing framework that articulates the components of individual differences and situational constraints upon affect, behavior, and cognition in order to integrate psychological research. Excerpts from a manuscript about the framework can be found here, and we have used the framework as an organizing tool for the pages on the Psychology Concepts section. The framework is useful to researchers as a way to generate research ideas and unify research projects, and I am planning on using the framework as an organizing structure for a psychology textbook.


Norman Miller
Brian Lickel
Steve Read
Dan Simon

Tom Denson
Mathew Curtis
Ravi Iyer
Carrie Canales

USC Social Psychology Research on the Internet
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Contact Info

California State University, Los Angeles
Department of Psychology
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, California, 90032
phone: 213-422-0909

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